David McConnell, MBA A few of my past and near future milestones are stated below.

PRIVATE EQUITY February 2019 - Present, SkyLimit Investments s.r.o. Analyst

7 YEARS OF MANAGERIAL EXPERIENCE June 2012 - January 2019, TV Nova s.r.o. Chief of Nova Action Self-Promotion Read more

STRONG ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Class of 2019, University of New York in Prague MBA in Finance Read more

The Chartered Financial Analyst I am pursuing CFA Certification

English - full professional proficiency Czech - native proficiency Advanced Excel skills including VBA

“I delight in finance, investments, lifelong learning, and meeting new cultures.”
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June 2012 – January 2019

The managerial experience I have gained at TV Nova is essential to my career. I still remember the moment, when I picked up the phone and the person asked me if I would consider working in television and managing people toward the creation of a new TV channel. I was 23 years old back then and the youngest one in middle-management. It was pretty appealing to me, but at the same time, I was deliberating my future responsibilities, life changes, and career challenges. Finally, I took the job and I have never had any regrets.

My position was Chief of Nova Action Self-promotion. I have found out that this naming is unclear for people outside the TV field. To cut story short, I was responsible for every kind of marketing promotion that was aired regarding the Nova Action channel. My responsibilities included managing a team of people, daily operations, staffing, budgeting, presenting marketing communication strategies, and communicating toward top-management and across departments. I appreciated and liked having a diverse agenda that was a lot about communication with people, meeting a variety of personalities, and finally having the opportunity to drive a change.



Integrity I have strong moral principles.


Respect I respect myself and others.


Critical thinking I utilize the principles of critical thinking.


Listening to others’ voices I carefully listen to another person to figure out their perception of a situation.


No micro-management Once I take the right people on the bus, I trust their abilities.


Personal growth Personal growth and lifelong learning are essential for me.

The easiest way to positively affect other people’s behavior is to change my own behavior. Others will automatically start to play the same game with me.


Class of 2019

The chance to study MBA at University of New York in Prague was life-changing for me. I had an opportunity to learn from great professionals who have been working in top-management positions and come from worldwide known universities and multinationals such as INSEAD, Kellogg School of Management, Coca-Cola, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and others. I am also glad that I had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn more about a variety of cultures.


I have chosen major in Finance with the aim to land a job in Private Equity. I have gained deep practical knowledge about managerial and financial accounting, financial strategy, financial management, strategic management, project management, business analytics, and many others. All of that with emphasis to be able to make strategic decisions; not only calculate figures.

One of the most spectacular experiences was learning from very successful and humble professionals in education and business. I had the pleasure to meet the following experts in business: Claude Varley, former President of Coca-Cola in the south of France, Dipak C. Jain, former Dean of INSEAD and Kellogg School of Management, David Muir who worked for Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and Samir Nassif, who is the former Dean of the American-European University in Monaco and has worked as general manager in the field of large construction projects in Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and France.

Talking about style of education, I really appreciate the strong emphasis on critical thinking, strategic decision making, co-operation in groups of diverse people, self-reflection, and public speaking. Furthermore, analyses of real case studies, for example from Harvard Business Review, were really valuable.

I have discovered one of my greatest passions at UNYP, which is lifelong learning and personal growth.